Headed to Las Cruces
On the road again

We’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from traveling, but we’re now back on the road for a few months, headed for Las Cruces New Mexico.  Ms. LaRue is sporting a new interior that’s more practical for us (picture later), which means we can both sit in front of our biggest window and watch the sun rise over the parking lot this morning. We’re boondocking in a rest area near Socorro, New Mexico. Amazing, but we’re the only ones here.

Just in case you’ve thought that Arizona was all hot and desert-y, I’m telling you we were glad to put the 9”, Christmas Eve snow storm and rainstorm that followed all behind us for a while. Actually, this state has as many weather faces as the country does between Mexico and Canada, and her northern mountains have shown us many.

Yesterday, we left in the middle of a downpour. What starts as overcast and sprinkles in Prescott, turns torrential as we head east to Show Low to pick up our car hauler at our sons. Four hours later…well, let’s just say that, driving a 35’ motor home through soggy, gooey clay soil does not work. Larry enters the property as usual, through their RV gate, but that means he drives kitty-cornered across their 5 acres. Midway, he sinks in the gook, and there is no moving her. By the time he messes around trying to get unstuck it gets dark, so he decides to slog back to the house and wait until daylight. Good idea.

This morning, thanks to an all-nighter, dry wind and good ole RV ingenuity, he drives right out. After a good wash-down and loading the car onto the trailer, and we’re off – leaving by a different( and much trickier gate), of course. Ahhhh! On the road again! I settle into my front seat, and it feels like home.Springerville AZ We follow US 60, once again, marvel at the stark beauty of the high rolling grasslands near Springerville, AZ, watch the sunset over the mountains through Magdalena, NM and connect with I-25 to head south.

High Desert grasslands
High Desert grasslands

First stop – Las Cruces, New Mexico, to have lunch and dinner with cousins and catch up on family gossip. Our first “settle-in” destination is Denham Springs, LA, but along the way, I hope to coerce my goal-oriented husband to take a break and ramble San Antonio’s River Walk. We’d never thought of Texas as home to German immigrants, but a friend alerted us to several German heritage towns along the I-10 corridor. Intriguing! Of course, I want to explore.

I’ll be posting every couple of days, so join us on this journey as we explore a brand new area (to us) of the country. Think of it as a free vacation-by-proxy. Like us on our Gettin’ Our Kicks facebook page and go to our website www.gettinourkicks.com to pick up the latest news.

4 thoughts on “Las Cruces here we come

  1. Hey what did you leave back in Prescott besides the wood stove? I don’t think it’s fair.

  2. Very exciting to ride along with you to a new area for me as well. Been in the different states just not in these areas. Thank you for sharing. Blessings as you explore.

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