Mother’s Day pretty much stands on its own as a special day, but when family gifts you with a night in a suite at the Grand Canyon Railroad Motel in Williams, Arizona…Well, it makes that weekend over-the-top gorgeous!

For all you kids and husbands wondering how to bless and impress the leading lady in your life on Mother’s Day and really get noticed – here’s a place to do it. Like we said several times while we relaxed on the cushy leather sofa, “We could live here!” Ok, if you’re accustomed to the Taj Mahal, this might look like the caretaker’s cottage, but, trust me, if you’re ordinary people, it way outranks just “comfortable.”

Mother's Day in Williams
Living Room

I’ll grant you, I’m a little weird, but when I go into a hotel/motel/B&B or whatever, one of the first things I look for is, how clean are the corners – especially when I’m (ahem) sitting in the bathroom? I figure if the corners are truly clean, I can pretty much trust that the whole room is clean, right?

Good news! This accommodation rates with me as immaculate – right down to the corners. From the moment we enter, this spacious suite impresses. Trust me, I’ve seen apartments smaller than that first room were we found a full kitchen, six-chair dining table, buffet, ensemble sofa, gas fireplace and large TV. From the high end finishes and appliances to the draperied window wall, this place is designed to impress anyone’s good taste.

Mother's Day in Williams
Kitchen and dining room

Double doors lead to a commodious king-sized bedroom and a double vanity bathroom with a walk-in closet. The massage showerhead itself is (almost) worth the price of the room. Ok, that’s a bit exaggerated, but you get the picture, it’s energizing, and we sure enjoyed it!

Mother's Day in Williams
Doorway to Bedroom


We knew about the Flagstaff area’s logging history, of course, but weren’t exactly clear that there was such a direct Michigan to Arizona connection. Any Michigander recognizes the names Saginaw and Manistee right off the bat. So, when we saw an old train steam engine permanently parked outside our window with “Saginaw and Manistee Lumber Company” emblazoned across the side, of course, we had to investigate.

Mother's Day, Shay # 5
Shay Number Five

Turns out, the company opened a lumber mill here in 1893, and virtually built the town of Williams. Who knew? While this exact engine never operated here, other slow- moving locomotives, which were designed to operate in tight mountain curves and steep grades like this one, moved Arizona’s lumber to build the state and the nation. It’s an impressive ode to William’s origins.

Mother's Day in Williams
Read all about the Michigan/Arizona connection


While you can take the Grand Canyon Railroad from here to visit the obvious, there’s much more to Williams than just a place to get on the train. They’ve got a new zip line, hiking, lots of restaurants, loads of Route 66 memorabilia, and you could even spend your night in a caboose at The Canyon Motel & RV Park, if you’ve a mind to.

Bonus: From this Motel, you can walk to ‘most everything in the town, if you enjoy a stroll. And, oh yes, don’t forget Bearizona. It’s a mile or so outside of town, but, whether you’re a kid or a kid-at-heart, you’ll enjoy driving through wild animal’s natural habitat.

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